This technology maximizes and defines the recycling success in waste management.

This technology helps our clients recover high-purity water from a wide variety of waste streams for numerous in-plant uses. In some cases you can also capture valuable by-products and re-use them to offset your costs – instead of sending them to the drain.

This way Utico assists in minimizing the potential risk associated with plant waste streams helps in the innovation of directing the waste for new facilities. In areas of acute water shortage, Zero Liquid Discharge design can help optimize the overall facility life cycle costs.

Utility services like Water and wastewater treatment are critical to every industry. Each industry has specifications for contaminant limits in the product water and effluent water. Utico is more than willing is ready to help you meet these requirements. With industry experts throughout our organization, we are able to provide you with a team that specializes in your marketplace. They understand your challenges and are able to help you develop the right solution.