Utico is one of the largest private Utility Company of UAE specializing in Water & Power Plants.

We are dedicated to solutions that improves people’s lives. We also undertake to create a stimulating  and exciting  work environment and our professionals are committed to make Utico the “best place to work”.

We believe that business goals with delighted customers is possible  only when we  recruit and retain the best possible talent.

We believe in stimulating professional and personal growth of employees so that they enjoy working as part of our team with great job satisfaction. We believe in team work, sincere and  honest  way, inspiring others in creating positive energy for  both  individuals and groups.

We want to be  a leader in every aspect of our businesses that we undertake. We expect every  employee to be committed, carrying on all their activities in accordance with  high standards of  professionalism and  proper business conduct.

We are also an equal opportunity provider and believe  in corporate social responsibility. We have recreational  activities  for employees and their families to help them achieve their healthy  work life balance through out their career.