Uticonsult provides its clients with service that is sensitive to their individual needs and is quality –consistent. We aim to continually improve our system and services so that we can respond appropriately –on time and within budget.

Our Integrated Management System (IMS) includes a Quality Management System, a Health & Safety Protection System, and an Environmental Management System.

As a minimum standard Uticonsult works in accordance with its IMS standard, and if necessary will work out a Project specific Quality Plan.

Uticonsult operates with the highest standards of quality kept in mind. Based on client requirements, we develop a Project specific Quality plan and Procedure. It includes:

      • Communications and document control procedure
      • Engineering & design control procedure
      • Concession request procedure
      • Internal audit procedure
      • Handling of non-conformances, corrective and preventive procedures

As a minimum standard, Uticonsult will plan, execute and report one internal audit for the duration of the project.